T-Ball Wrapup

Published Thu 28 Mar 2024


Throughout the season coaches awarded 3, 2, 1 points to players from the teams they played each week. These points were totalled up and the player with the most points from each division was awarded the MVP award.

U8s – Jasmine Judge
U10s – Zachary Flynn

Kathy Pryce Softball Sportsmanship award winner

Winner: Max Kimber - Hurricanes Softball Club – Mozzies
Honourable mentions: Hannah Jones & Kristen Banfield

Max’s Nomination:
Max's conduct at t-ball represents why children should play sport. Beyond his natural talent and developing understanding of the game, Max's enthusiasm remains very evident; consistent across games, helping, supporting and training; and unable to be curbed - he is a force to be reckoned with. Max is very attentive to direction and instructions provided by all officials. He shares a cheeky smile with everyone while remaining courteous at all times. Max's performance continues to improve with his confidence and he has proven to be the team's most versatile player for the 23/24 season. He is a keen supporter for peers and more senior players/teams as he watches his older brother play. He applauds good play regardless of whether it was his team mate or an opposition player. Max can also be heard cheering his coaches on as he watches their later games. Although not recognised as such, he further remains behind to assist his mother when she provides volunteer to the canteen or bbq, on behalf of the Club.