Alan Bain Awarded Life Membership

Published Thu 07 Sep 2023

At the recent Softball ACT AGM, Alan Bain was posthumously awarded a Life Membership with Softball ACT. Throughout a remarkable span of over two decades, Alan consistently demonstrated unwavering dedication and made outstanding contributions to the softball community in the ACT. 

Alan's involvement in softball began in 1993 when he enrolled his eldest daughter in a morning junior competition at Weston Creek. Since then, his commitment has flourished in various capacities, including parenting, coaching, playing, volunteering, and mentoring. He also became an active member of Storm Softball Club, not only as a player in the men's competition but also as a devoted manager and coach until 2020.

During the 1990s, Alan's passion for coaching blossomed as he volunteered to coach teams in the ACT Junior Championships for Woden Valley Softball Association while his daughters participated in the morning competition at Mawson. Through his family's affiliation with Sutherland Softball Club, Alan was introduced to the women's afternoon league at Hawker, forging a steadfast relationship with the club's members and players.

At Sutherland Softball Club, Alan's impact has been profound. Over his two decades at Hawker, he coached and assisted in coaching over 50 teams in the afternoon competition. His mentorship and guidance have been instrumental in helping numerous coaches develop training programs and attain accreditation. Alan consistently hosted weekday training sessions for players across all age groups, fostering skill development and camaraderie within the club. Moreover, he actively supported and promoted the family-oriented ethos of the club, ensuring a welcoming and inclusive environment for all. Alan's dedication extended beyond the field as he organized, booked, and ran successful fundraising events for the club.

Starting in 1999, Alan became an active member of the Sutherland committee, assuming various key roles such as registrar, afternoon competition committee representative, club president for 11 years, and equipment officer for 16 years. His leadership was pivotal in the incorporation of Sutherland Softball Club in 2013. Alan's coaching expertise was sought after by multiple Sutherland teams in the afternoon competition, and his invaluable contributions played a significant role in enabling the club to support both junior and senior softballers, ensuring their continued participation in Softball ACT local competitions. Alan consistently offered his assistance during training sessions, providing unwavering support to coaches and players alike. On Saturdays throughout the softball season, he generously dedicated his time to coaching, umpiring, and mentoring others.

Over his period as the Sutherland representative on the Afternoon Competition Committee Alan contributed to the refinement of the competition rules and was pivotal in the introduction of today’s farming arrangements allowing teams and clubs to remain viable in the competition.

During his involvement with Softball ACT, Alan's passion for the game led him to explore representative opportunities. Starting with his daughter's participation, he gradually immersed himself in the realm of Canberra representative teams, ACT State, and League teams. As a selector for Canberra and State representative teams, Alan exhibited keen judgement and a discerning eye for talent. He also took on the role of head coach for the Softball Canberra under 14's representative team over multiple seasons, leading them to various tournaments in Adelaide, Melbourne, and Canberra. Alan's meticulous preparation, professionalism, and emphasis on player development ensured that his teams experienced both success and enjoyment.

Furthermore, Alan willingly provided support to State-level teams, serving as coaching and training staff. His meticulous approach involved charting and analysing players from opposing teams, sharing valuable insights and strategies with his team. Alan's commitment to coaching, training preparation, and sessions extended well beyond his local and club responsibilities, dedicating several hours each week and on Sundays to ensure the best possible support for coaches, staff, and, most importantly, the players.

In summary, Alan's exceptional contributions to softball in the ACT, spanning association, club, competition, representative, and administrative levels, are deserving of recognition by his peers and the entire softball community, and for that reason his nomination for Softball ACT Life Membership was accepted.

In Alan’s words “It’s about the game and letting the players play”.

Softball ACT extends its congratulations to Alan's family for the award.