Men's Skins

Softball ACT is proud to host the annual Skins Tournaments in each year, with huge numbers of teams expected to flock to the Nation’s capital to compete.

The inaugural Men’s Skins tournament was run in 1988 by the FastPitch Softball League (ACT),  making it the longest running Men’s softball tournament in Australia. With closer ties between the FastPitch Softball League and Softball ACT, participants and organisers are buzzing about the atmosphere that will be created.  

The atmosphere at Hawker around skins time will be buzzing; it’s not only top quality softball but an eventful weekend and I’m excited for the big things planed this year for both the softballers and the Canberra community” – Jarrod Bradbury, ACT 89er and Event Committee member 


It’s a different kind of softball, with many top-level and local players alike loving the opportunity for non-stop action, played with their clubmates from back home.  

(Skins) takes a game already played at lightning speed, speeds it up even more and creates seven different games all within one. It really allows for a tactical brand of softball to be exposed while being played with a high intensity for a whole weekend. One of my favourite tournaments, that’s for sure” – Hayden Mathews, Aussie Steeler 

It’s a new style of game that changes the way you play and always keep you on your feet thinking” – Adam Folkard, Aussie Steeler 


Laing Harrow is an unabashed fan of the concept, having competed and coached himself in the Men’s version for many years. Now, as Head Coach of the Travelodge Aussie Spirit (Open Women’s National team), he highly recommends players and coaches aspiring to National representation to test their skills in the format. 

“Skins is a fantastic format that tests not only the physical skills of softball, but also the ability of players and coaches to respond to pressure, adversity and challenges regularly that don’t present themselves often in a normal game of Softball. It’s strategic, but also provides that high intensity for athletes that is crucial for elite development and performance” – Laing Harrow, Head Coach, Travelodge Aussie Spirit


Next Men’s Skins Competition

Serious money is up for grabs in the Skins competition. The men’s competition has more than 30 years of history, with teams and players from NSW, Victoria, South Australia, and the ADF competing against ACT’s best across three grades of competition. 

  • Dates: 24th to 26th of November 2023
  • Venue: Hawker Softball Centre
  • Ages: Open age. Teams can have 9-15 players and MUST supply an umpire.
  • Grades:  A & B 
  • Format: A cash prize can be won each inning. Teams can declare an inning if they have scored enough runs to win the inning. If the inning is drawn, the money jackpots. Games are played over 90 minutes of 7 innings, whatever comes first. Teams that win the most money over the tournament play in the final for a bonus cash prize.

Register Here: A GRADE I B GRADE